Install Cinnamon 2.4 In Ubuntu 14.04
If you are great fan of Cinnamon but you don’t want to switch to Mint from Ubuntu then this blog will be very handy for you. Here we will show you how to install Cinnamon in Ubuntu. First thing to do before installing Cinnamon is to  remove Nemo file manager which might create conflict after… (0 comment)

How To Install Spotify In Ubuntu & Linux Mint
We assume that you are long fan of Spotify and want to install it on Ubuntu or into your Linux Mint based systems. Here we will be guiding you to install Spotify into your respective linux systems. Guide to install Spotify in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10 & Linux Mint 17 based systems. 1)Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)… (0 comment)

No matter how big your company is or how successful you are in term of your business, if you have poor personality. Personal Development is the key factor for the balanced successful life and we though why don’t we share some books for the personal development here in our blogs. So here we have collected… (0 comment)

Popular website Pirate Bay has been always in trouble by lawmakers. It has been into the offline week for few weeks but now Pirate bay is back to action and this time they are live with new domain extension. Yes, they are back through domain name Now, we hope that Pirate bay will be… (0 comment)

Finally, Romanian officials have arrested the people behind the series of ATM cash scandals. Security officials from Romania have arrested 8 cyber criminals for their involvement on stealing of cash from ATMs using malware. It has been reported that arrest has been made with the help of Romanian National Police and the Directorate for Investigating… (0 comment)

Finally we can see some momentum on next version of Linux Mint. Finally, Linux Mint has announced the codename and release date for the latest version. It has been reported that the next version has been codenamed Sarah and it will be based on Ubuntu 16.04 . User will get  chance to use it in… (0 comment)

Hackers From India Attack Pakistani Websites After Pathankot Terror Attack
India and Pakistan have a bitter relations due to various reasons. Recently, Terrorists group attacked Pathankot Air Base killing several Indian Security officials. In response to the terror attack, Indian hackers has defaced multiple Pakistani websites. It has been reported that Hacking attack has been done by the “Indian Black Hats” group from kerala. Hacking group… (0 comment)

Father of Debian, Ian Murdock Is Dead
Very sad news at the end of 2015 for tech community as Ian Murdock, the founder of Linux distribution Debian is dead. He died on 28th december and reason behind the dead is still unknown. He was 42 years old. Docker where he was currently working revealed the news of his dead. A cause of… (0 comment)