peppermint 8

Peppermint 8 Respin Is Now Out: Download Now

Latest version of Peppermint operating system is available for download. Peppermint 8 with the codename of “Respin” is now available in 32 and 64 bit version. Peppermint is based on Lubuntu 16.04 LTS code base and it is integrated witha hybrid LXDE-Xfce desktop environment and Xfce bottom panel in LXDE desktop.

peppermint 8

Download peppermint 8

Download peppermint 8

Some of the Peppermint 8 Respin Changes/Features:-

-Latest version is available in 32bit and 64bit versions with the 64bit version having full UEFI and Secureboot support.

-Nemo 2.8.7 updated to Nemo 3.4.7.

-ISO’s now contain all 16.04 updates (to the date of the ISO) . Hence, ISO’s ship with the 4.10.0-40 kernel from the HWE.

-Fixed peppermint-proxy-configuration on the 32bit ISO.

-OpenVPN updated in the repos to version OpenVPN 2.4.4 to support mixed mode IPv4/IPv6 VPN’s.

-Installed mint-translations.

-Advert Blocker is available again.

-Repository now contain tweaked versions of screenfetch and neofetch with custom Peppermint logo ASCII art.

-Improved i3lock lock-screen.

Download your copy of Peppermint operating system from this link.



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