8 Best Linux Operating System That You Should Try In 2016.

Good thing about Linux Operating System is that it is open source. As it is opensource, right now there are  hundreds of Linux distros , or distributions in the market. Newbie usually have  confusion when they want to try the Linux for the first time and don’t know which Linux distro to try first. So, here are 8 best Linux distros to choose from.

1. Ubuntu
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No doubt, Ubuntu is the most popular and easy to use Linux Operatins System available right now in the market. Ubuntu is a debain based Linux distro. Ubuntu is perfect distro for those people who are not comfortable with the commands at the beginning. It’s probably the best place to start if you’re new to Linux. Ubuntu also have dedicated marketplace for the software and due to the large number of software repository, Ubuntu is quiet famous among the linux users.

2. Linux Mint
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After Ubuntu, Linux Mint is popular among the users. Like Ubuntu, Linux Mint is good beginner Linux distros and also comes up with prebundled softwares. It’s highly customizable and fully compatible with Ubuntu’s repositories. It also run without any glitches on older computers too.

3. elementary OS
elementary OS is a clean and simple linux operating systems which looks like a Apple’s macOs. It is much more faster then other linux distros. Elementary OS even comes will a handful of pre-installed apps. ElementaryOS has its own file manager and its own desktop environment called Pantheon.

4. CUB Linux

Based on ubuntu, Cub Linux is a  modern, fast, stable and low battery using Linux distro. Cub linux which looks like a chrome Os  was previously known as Chromixium OS. Interstingly you can rung any apps from chrome store along with Ubuntu based software from synaptic package manager or else.

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5. Deepin Linux
A perfect beginner level Linux distro for  Laptop and Desktop. Deepin Linux is a debain based distro which is sleek and beautiful. Little bit of resource hungry, you should try deepin once.

6. Zorin OS
According to the Zorin OS officialwebsite, Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux and yes it is true also. Based on Ubuntu, Zorin OS has its own Zorin Desktop Environment. User won’t feel like transitiing from Windows as they can  can customize the Zorin Desktop Environment with the list of theme like  Windows 7 Theme (Zorin OS Core), Windows XP Theme (Zorin OS Core), Windows 2000 Theme (Zorin OS Premium), Ubuntu Unity Theme (Zorin OS Premium), MacOSX Theme (Zorin OS Premium) and GNOME 2 Theme (Zorin OS Premium).

7. Korora

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If you are looking forward to try your hand on Fedora but tried of it’s complexity then Korora is a best distro to start. Korora is based on Fedora but easy or new users.  It comes in GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, and XFCE editions.



Another simple and easy to use Linux Os is KaOS. KaOS has made the choice to use the Linux kernel as a base (though the Illumos kernel is under constant evaluation, and a future switch is a wish).  KaOS is a build from scratch distribution, every package in every repository is build by and for KaOS.