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How To Migrate To Arch Linux 32 As Arch Linux 32-Bit Support Ends

Arch Linux 32

32 bit is dead for Arch Linux. Yes, Support for the i686 architecture on Arch Linux is no more available and by the end of the november all the packages will be removed from it’s archive leaving all 32 bit user in confusion.

Arch Linux 32

Meanwhile, new fork are already out in the market by the name of Arch Linux 32 which can be still used to deal with your 32 bit system. Let’s quickly jump into the methods to migrate to new arch fork from your old operating system.

How To Migrate To Arch Linux 32

Type the following command to install the new transition package:

pacman -Syy archlinux32-keyring-transition

Now type the following command for a transition to Arch Linux 32:

pacman Syuu

SyuuNow before upgrading, clean cache with ths command below:

pacman -Sc

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