7 Basic Linux Commands That Every Beginner Should Know In 2018

Basic Linux Commands

Insight: List of most used basic linux commands

Users are shifting to linux based systems from windows rapidly. Users want to try linux for the sake of trail too. Well, if you are new linux users then this post is for you as we will talk about some of the basic commands that every newbies or begineer should know.

Basic Linux Commands For Beginner

1) sudo

Obviously one of the most useful and used commands in linux is sudo. SuperUserDo commands will grant you to perform various root level task in linux. You have to use this command to perform a operation that needs root’s permission.

2) cd

cd is another most used command in linux. It lets you to change the directory.

3) mkdir

Use this commmand to create a new folder or sub folder in linux.

4) ls (list)

It let you to see all the files or folders of the directory.

5) rm

rm command is used to remove the directory or file from your linux system.

6) apt-get

If you are using debian based linux operating system, then apt-get is one of the most used command. This command is used to install, remove and upgrade any package from your linux system. Meanwhile, some linux system uses dnf as an alternative to this command to manager their packages.

7) clear

Just like name, clear command clears the terminal screen and bring it back to normal stage.

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