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Best Website To Start A Blog: Easy Guide

guide to start a blog

Blogging is the new craze among the youngster these days. After figuring out the blogging topics, next step is to decide the paltform where you gonna write. Either you can get your own website or start writing on already available online platforms.

Here, we will only talk about top three famous blogging platforms where you can write for free or you have option to upgrade to premium services.


Start a blog

WordPress is one the of most popular and easy to use blogging platform. Auttomatic, company behind WordPress provides two option for blogging: It’s an open source web based software or application which you can used to run blog in your own website.  For this, you need to buy a domain name along with hosting and upload the wordpress file and start configuring it. These days, almost all hosting companies provides wordpress software in their suite. Similarly, If you don’t want to spend money in hosting along with domain name then can be the best option as you can start your blog ( by registering yourself in


Start a blog

Blogspot is another great blogging paltform which is available for free. Owned by, it’s can be a best option for newbie blogger as it is easy to use.


Start a blog is a new entrance in blogging scene. Due to it’s clean and minimal looks, it’s getting popular among journalists, critics and researchers. One of the biggest drawback of having blog in is that you can’t monetize your blog.

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