Bitkey, A Linux For Bitcoin Transaction


Bitcoin is a new sexy term for anyone. [Bitkey, A Linux For Bitcoin Transaction]. These days everyone seems to be investing in this new currency. Meanwhile, to make this bitcoin trading more easy and conveineint, a new linux has been developed. Bitkey is a new linux operating system which is primarly made for bitcoin transaction.

How To Download and Install Bitkey

Download this operating system from this link And follow the steps below:

BitKey on CDROM: You can easily burn the downloaded ISO to CDROM with the tool availbale.

BitKey on USB: Or you can install BitKey to a USB stick with a hardware read-write toggle (e.g., Kanguru FlashBlu) is the next best thing.

On USB sticks without write protection, you can remove the BitKey USB after booting as an additional security measure. BitKey loads into RAM so after booting you no longer need the USB.

  1. Insert USB stick and detect the device path:
            $ dmesg|grep Attached | tail --lines=1
            [583494.891574] sd 19:0:0:0: [sdf] Attached SCSI removable disk
  2. Write ISO to USB:

            $ sudo dd if=path/to/bitkey.iso of=/dev/sdf
            $ lsblk | grep sdf
            sdf                                8:80   1   7.4G  1 disk
            └─sdf1                             8:81   1   444M  1 part


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