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Create A Bootable Usb Using Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator

Well, there are plenty of option in windows to create a bootable usb from the Iso files but everything is limited when it comes to Linux. So, basically here today we will be writing about the steps to create a bootable Usb using Ubuntu’s Startup Disk Creator tool. Yes, you don’t need to download the external software to create bootable usb in Ubuntu as you can easily create the bootable stick using in-house Ubuntu tool.


Search the Startup disk creator in your Ubuntu and select it. Insert your Usb stick with enough space to make it bootable with the help of startup disk creator.


Now, select the ISO which you want to make bootable. After selecting the ISO, you need to select the usb stick from the option and now  click on ‘Make Startup Disk’ and then chose ‘Yes’ to make it bootable.


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