Firefox Quantum 57 Is Now Available: Download Now

Download Firefox Quantum

Download Firefox Quantum for your device. Latest browser from mozilla, firefox quantum 57 is now officially available for download. Powered by a new, cutting-edge engine, Firefox has stated that it has doubled up the speed of the browser from last year. Meanwhile, Firefox Quantum’s new engine uses 30% less memory than Chrome drastically reducing the load of your system.

From Mozilla Blog:

When you load it for the first time, you’ll notice that it looks different. Some highlights include a unified search bar that helps you get to what you’re looking for lickity-split, navigation icons are organized on the left and the far right side is where you can find all your personal items like downloads, history, screenshots). Even better, this bold new design and intelligent menus are easy to use and look amazing on PC, Macs, phones or tablets.


Download Firefox Quantum from this link

Firefox Quantum

New browser uses new Firefox Private Browsing to block ads with trackers.

Download the latest browser Firefox Quantum 57 from this link

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