Download OnePlus Stock ROM : Android Tutorial 2018

One Plus Stock ROM

OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone. Often called as a competitor to high end smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and other vendors. Here, we are providing download link to OnePlus stock ROM for your smartphone. OnePlus 5 is latest version which is available for purchase.

OnePlus Stock ROM

Download OnePlus Stock ROM

OnePlus ModelsAndroid VersionDownload Stock ROM
OnePlus One (OnePlus 1)6.0.1Download Firmware
OnePlus Two (OnePlus 2)6.0.1Download Firmware
OnePlus X (Onyx)6.0.1Download Firmware
OnePlus Three (OnePlus 3)7.1.1Download Firmware
OnePlus Three T (OnePlus 3T)7.1.1Download Firmware
OnePlus Five (OnePlus 5)7.1.1Download Firmware

You can download OnePlus USB driver from this link.

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