Download OnePlus Stock ROM : Android Tutorial 2018

One Plus Stock ROM

OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone. Often called as a competitor to high end smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and other vendors. Here, we are providing download link to OnePlus stock ROM for your smartphone. OnePlus 5 is latest version which is available for purchase.

OnePlus Stock ROM

Download OnePlus Stock ROM

OnePlus Models Android Version Download Stock ROM
OnePlus One (OnePlus 1) 6.0.1 Download Firmware
OnePlus Two (OnePlus 2) 6.0.1 Download Firmware
OnePlus X (Onyx) 6.0.1 Download Firmware
OnePlus Three (OnePlus 3) 7.1.1 Download Firmware
OnePlus Three T (OnePlus 3T) 7.1.1 Download Firmware
OnePlus Five (OnePlus 5) 7.1.1 Download Firmware

You can download OnePlus USB driver from this link.

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