ffsend: Install Firefox Send Client In Linux

Insight: ffsend: Install Firefox Send Client In Linux

Firefox Send is an extraordinary service from Firefox which lets you share files with end to end encryption and a link that automatically expires. ffsend is a command line Firefox Send client. It is cross platform and is available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

ffsend: Install Firefox Send Client In Linux

You can securely share files from the command line with the help of ffsend through a safe, private and encrypted link using a single simple command.


  • Fully featured and friendly command line tool
  • Upload and download files and directories securely
  • Always encrypted on the client
  • Additional password protection, generation and configurable download limits
  • File and directory archiving and extraction
  • Built-in share URL shortener and QR code generator
  • Supports old and new Firefox Send server versions
  • History tracking your files for easy management
  • Ability to use custom Send hosts
  • Inspect or delete shared files
  • Accurate error reporting
  • Streaming encryption and uploading/downloading, very low memory footprint
  • Intended for use in scripts without interaction
  • Upcoming: Firefox Account integration (higher download counts, longer expiry times)


ffsend: Install Firefox Send Client In Linux

You can easily install it in operating systems supporting snap with the following command:

snap install ffsend

Or you can download it from the link below:




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