New Firefox Bug Can Crash Your Operating System

New Firefox Bug Can Crash Your Operating System

Insight: New Firefox Bug

Popular browser, Firefox is seriously infected guys :P. New bug in Firefox can crash not only our browser, it can even crash your operating system. Sabri Haddouche, a software engineer and security researcher revealed this serious bug.

New Firefox Bug Can Crash Your Operating System

According to him, Firefox bug has the ability to crash the browser’s process on machines which can sometimes freeze the entire operating system.

This bug can create a serious issues in Windows operating system in compare to Linux and OS X. According to the tech blog ZDnet, DoS bug worked against the latest Firefox stable release.

As Firefox uses the WebKit engine on iOS instead of its new Quantum engine, iPhone users aren’t affected.

Bug is classified as a form of denial of service (DoS) and it affects the latest Firefox stable release, Firefox Developer, and the Nightly edition.

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