How To Fix libpng12-0 Missing In Ubuntu 18.04

libpng12-0 missing in ubuntu 18.04

Insight: How To Fix libpng12-0 Missing In Ubuntu 18.04

In this post, we are going to show you the solution for libpng12-0 missing issues in Ubuntu 18.04. There are plenty of applications which requireslibpng12-0. Exact reason for this issue is that libpng12is no longer available in the Ubuntu repository archives. In-fact, Ubuntu dropped it from Ubuntu 16.10 too. Some applications that requires libnp12 will fail to install in Ubuntu 18.04. libpng12-0 is an older version and latest version of this library file is libpng16.

Due to the this issue, some apps can’t be installed, while others fail to start in Ubuntu 18.04. Not only in Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 19 users are also experiencing the issue in their system.

How To Fix libpng12-0 Missing In Ubuntu 18.04


In order to fix this issue in Ubuntu 18.04 and also in Linux Mint 19, you need to download the libpng12-0 package for your system.

Download the file for your system architecture from the link below.

64bit deb


32bit deb

After downloading the file, you can install the libpng12-0 . Now you can easily install and run applications that depends on this library, in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / Linux Mint 19 distro. 



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