Quick List Of Free Linux Data Recovery Tools For 2019

Free Linux Data Recovery Tools

Insight: Quick List Of Free Linux Data Recovery Tools For 2019

Data is precious. You can’t even think of losing it. Sometime you just lost it due to various reason like technical problems, virus attacks and more.

Basically, This post is for those people who are looking for the quick list of Linux data recovery tools.

Quick List Of Free Linux Data Recovery Tools For 2019

  1. PhotoRec: It is an useful file data recovery software for Linux based operating system. Most important feature of this tool is that you can recover the lost pictures from memory cards or let’s say you can perform the data recovery process in digital camera’s memory card. It ignores the file system which means that it scans your drive/card even if it has been severely damaged or reformatted.
  2. DDrescue: DDrescue is a GNU data recovery tool. It recovers the data even if there is bad sector or any disk errors.
  3. Test Disk: Test Disk is another useful file recovery software for Linux. This tool is for you if you are looking to recover a lost partition. You can also make a non-booting disk bootable again.
  4. SystemRescueCd: SystemRescueCd is basically use to repair your system and data after it is crashed.

  5. Foremost: Foremost is a lightweight console based recovery software. It is basically used to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures.

  6. Mondo Rescue: Mondo Rescue is a Linux hard drive recovery utility.

Well, These are ours quick list of free Linux data recovery tools. Let us know if there is any tool that mus be included in this post.

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