Geeky Way To Check Bitcoin Prices From Command Line

bitcoin price

Bitcoin is one of the hot topics these days in international market. As it’s value is skyrocketing, why don’t bring some fun while checking the bitcoin prices right from your linux terminal. No matter whether you have invested your money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or not, it will be very interesting to check bitcoin prices right from the terminal.

Geeky Way To Check Bitcoin Prices From Command Line.

Meanwhile, there is not any default way to check bitcoin from linux as we need to install third party app or tools.  We can use Coinmon to check bitcoin prices. So let’s first install the coinmon in your linux operating system.

Install Coinmon

First you need to have nodejs in your system to install Coinmon:

Run the following command:

sudo apt-get install nodejs

sudo apt-get install npm

Now install Coinmon using the command mentioned below:

sudo npm install -g coinmon

And type the commmand below to check the prices:


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