GNOME 3.30 ‘Almería’ Is Out: Tons Of New Feature

gnome 3.30

Gnome is one of the popular desktop environment used by various Linux distros like Ubuntu. GNOME 3.30 is the latest version of GNOME 3. GNOME 3.30 is loaded with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Quick Insight : Almost 801 contributors worked together and 24845 changes has been made.

Codename for the GNOME 3.30 is Almería. This name is given in recognition of this year’s GUADEC organizing team. GUADEC was held in Almería, Spain.

GNOME 3.30 features:

Improved Desktop Performance. Improved desktop now uses fewer system resources.

Improved Screen Sharing.

Update Flatpaks Automatically. GNOME software manager now automatically update installed Flatpaks.

Files, the GNOME file browser, features a more streamlined location and search bar, helping you find the files you want faster.

The Disks application can decrypt and mount storage volumes encrypted by VeraCrypt, allowing you to share important content more securely.

GNOME 3.30 introduces a new podcast app called Podcasts.

Games, the retro gaming application, is faster to use now that the entire application can be navigated by gamepad. Additional improvements include:

  • The keyboard can be mapped to gamepad inputs, for those times when you don’t have your gamepad with you.

  • Finding games is faster now that additional details about each available game are displayed in the collection view.

  • The Flatpak bundles 4 more emulator cores, allowing you to play even more games than ever.


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