Install CentOS 7 Step by Step Guide With Screenshots

Install CentOS 7 Step by Step Guide With Screenshots

Insight: Install CentOS 7 Step by Step Guide With Screenshots

In this article,  we will show you the steps to install CentOS 7 with screenshots too.

Install CentOS 7 Step by Step Guide With Screenshots

Download The CentOS ISO Image

At first you need to download the CentOS ISO image. You can get your copy of CentOS 7 download from the official download link.

Note: CentOS is only available in 64 bit version.

Now, You need to make a bootable drive from the ISO image. You can easily make it bootable by sending ISO file to USB using dd command but there are various GUI based bootable tool like Etcher which you can use to make your USB bootable.

# dd if=/iso/CentOS-7-x86_64-xxx.iso of=/dev/sdb(usb-ddevice)

and now reboot your system and boot it from the USB.

Step 1: Select Install CentOS 7 from the boot menu.

Step 2: Select The Language And Keyboard.

You need to select your preferred language as well as the Keyboard type you have.

Step 3: Change The Installation Destination

You can change the partition in this step where you are going to install the CentOS 7.

For this installation method, we are selecting Automatic partition selection method.

Step 4: Set Date And Time

To select the time zone, You can the map or select from the Region and City drop-down menus and you can also manually adjust the date and time.

Meanwhile, If you click on Software Installation, you will see the following page where you can select the type of installation.

click Done and return to the INSTALLATION SUMMARY screen.

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and now click on the “Begin Installation” button.

Installation will start now. You will be asked to set up an user account as well as the root password.

After creating user account and root password, you are all set to go.

Complete Installation

After a few minutes, Installation of CentOS 7 will get complete. Login to your CentOS 7 system and accept the EULA agreement.