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How To Install La Capitaine Icon theme

Insight: Install La Capitaine Icon theme

La Capitaine is an icon pack theme which can be easily integrated with most of the desktop environments. Every image in this theme is a scalable vector graphic that means it will look beautiful in any size, on any screen.

La Capitaine is a fork of the El General icon theme for the GNOME desktop.

Install La Capitaine Icon theme

How To Install La Capitaine Icon theme

According to the developer, this icon theme is regularly updated so you should clone the git repository to make sure that you are always up-to-date. Open up your terminal and run the following the commands.

cd $HOME/.icons
git clone https://github.com/keeferrourke/la-capitaine-icon-theme.git

How To Configure

By default, La Capitaine comes with a configuration script which will try to determine your distribution and desktop environment so that it can updates the icons.

You need to execute the following  command in your terminal so that you can configure the various icons.



and follow the prompts.

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