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Install Microsoft PowerShell On Linux

Microsoft is closing it’s race with Open source communities by releasing the code of Microsoft Powershell to the public. Yes they open sourced Powershell by sharing the code for OS X and Linux distros. Microsoft PowerShell is available on Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and OS X.


Meanwhile, here we will tell you the process to install PowerShell in your devices.

How to install PowerShell in Linux.

First thing that you should do is to figure out the packages for the installation. You can download the package from  PowerShell’s Github page depending upon your operating system.

Let started by installing PowerShell on Ubuntu 16.04:

Download  the package ending with 16.04.1_amd64.deb, and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install libunwind8 libicu55
sudodpkg -i powershell_6.0.0-alpha.9-1ubuntu1.16.04.1_amd64.deb
After installing the Powershell, you can run it by typing following command in your terminal:

Installing PowerShell on CentOS 7:

Like ubuntu, here you need to download the package ending with el7.centos.x86_64.rpm and run the following command:

sudo yum install /path/to/powershell.rpm

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