How To Install Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Install Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Insight: Install Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

How To Install  Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Stellarium is one of the popular open-source planetarium software. It is a cross-platform planetarium software which is available for major platform. Latest version of the software at the time of this article is Stellarium 0.18.1 and it was released few days ago.

How To Install  Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Some of the major changes in this version are:

  • Improvements and fixes for Hierarchical Progressive Surveys [HiPS] support
  • Updated code of plugins
  • Updated code and data
  • Updated GPS handling
  • Fixed load the HiPS sources through proxy
  • Fixed creating screenshots on retina displays
  • Fixed behaviour Macbook’s touchpad
  • Updated help of Telescope Control plugin
  • Updated HiPS behaviour: try to use caching as much as possible
  • Updated user agent string for HiPS browser
  • Updated nomenclature list
  • Updated main GUI
  • Updated GUI of plugins
  • Updated Satellites plugin
  • Updated GPS handling
  • Updated list of contributors
  • Updated catalog of pulsars
  • Updated behaviour of Search Tool for craters
  • Updated Quasars plugin
  • Updated format for DSO’s size
  • Fixed result of dithering color components with exactly zero tail
  • Fixed dithering for OpenGL ES2
  • Fixed enabling various lines when Telrad is enabled (GH: #109)
  • Fixed error in DSO catalogs filter
  • Fixed bug when screenshots folder can’t be changed via GUI (LP: #1764084, GH: #144)
  • Fixed compile with Qt5.10 (Windows/Visual Studio 2015) (GH: #139)
  • Fixed visibility of splash screen (GH: #142)
  • Fixed rendering asterisms names
  • Fixed editing telescope properties for Telescope Control plugin
  • Added rise, transit and set times for celestial objects
  • Added dithering support

How To Install  Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Install Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

We can easily install Stellarium in Ubuntu via PPA which contains the latest Stellarium packages for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 18.04. Open your terminal and run the following  command to add PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases

Now, run the following command to install:

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sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install stellarium

How T Uninstall Stellarium In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

Run the following command:

sudo apt-get remove --autoremove stellarium