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[How to] Install and Use TeamViewer on Linux

Teamviewer on Linux

Quick Insight: Install and use teamviewer on linux operating system.

Teamviewer is one of the most popular remote desktop application. It can be used to connect to remote computers or system and collaborate. In this tutorial post, we will show you the process to install teamviewer on your linux operating system.

First, download your copy of teamiewer from here->Download TeamViewer.

Meanwhile, you can downlaod deb binaries for Debian and Ubuntu-based operating system while .rpm packages for Fedora and SUSE along with tarball package too.

Ubuntu/Debian Based Operating System.

After downloading the teamviewer navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file:

sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_i386.deb 

In case dpkg indicates missing dependencies, complete the installation by executing the following command:

sudo apt-get install -f

Now open the installed applicaiton using following command:


RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE

You need to download the teamviewer.i686.rpm package. Type the following command

yum install teamviewer_12.0.xxxxx.i686.rpm

Note: This command is recommended, as it will install missing dependencies

zypper install teamviewer_12.0.xxxxx.i686.rpm
rpm -i teamviewer_12.0.xxxxx.i686.rpm

Download public key

Download the public key if  “yum” is asking for a missing public key, you can download the public key file here and import the key by typing the following command:

rpm --import TeamViewer_Linux_PubKey.asc

Now run the “yum”-command again to install the TeamViewer rpm.


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