How To Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu

Insight: How to Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu

Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE has reached the latest release.  1.19 is out with various improvement.

Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu

Some of the notable improvements are:

  • Improve startup and overall performance with an improved configuration-model #37426, #37539.
  • Improve startup by caching extension information from package.json files #28331.
  • Improve startup by delaying the creation of helper processes, like file watcher #38230, search app #38235, and extensions process #38323.
  • Improve file loading for better startup performance #37541.
  • Use the faster list widget instead of the tree when possible #38638. Rework the BREAKPOINTS view and the OPEN EDITORS Explorer section.
  • Optimize the handling of touch events for improved performance #37917.
  • Improve the overall workbench performance by skipping unnecessary layouts and computations 39699, #39185, #38966, #38963, #38962, #38960.
  • Improve startup by removing unused code #38414.

How to Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu:

Download the official .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu from the link below:

Download VS Code (.deb)

Now install it.

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/code_*.deb; sudo apt -f install

How To Uninstall Visual Studio Code:

Run following command.

sudo apt-get remove --autoremove code

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