How To Install XRDP On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In this tutorial, We will show you the method to install XRDP on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. XRDP is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Server, allowing RDP clients to be presented an X windows desktop to the user. RDP transport is encrypted using TLS by default.

install xrdp on ubuntu 18.04

How To Install XRDP On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Press CTRL+ALT+T to open the terminal and run the following command:

 sudo apt update 
sudo apt-get upgrade

Now, Run the following command to install xrdp on Ubuntu

sudo apt install xrdp

After installing xrdp, Setup the Xsession file for xrdp.Run the following command:

echo mate-session> ~/.xsession

Now, Install Mate-Core Package. To install mate-core package, you need to run the following command:

sudo apt-get install mate-core

You must allow RDP traffic through UFW firewall. To allow RDP traffic,Run the following command:

sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp

Now, restart your system.

You can test the connection by connecting via remote desktop on a Windows or Remmina on Linux.

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