Linspire 7.0 And Freespire 3.0 Released : Download Now

Linspire 7.0 And Freespire 3.0 Released : Download Now

Lindows was one of those linux operating system which helped a lot of users to transfer from Windows platform to Linux with it’s easy to use GUI. Meanwhile, due to some legal issues, Lindows tradermark was handed to Microsoft and Lindows was considered as a dead. After 10 years of first version, a new version is here but different name. Lindows is out now with Linspire 7.0 and it’s a commercial version.

PC/OpenSystems LLC who owns the Linspire trademark has released the Linspire 7.0 and Freespire 3.0.

Accordig to them, Freespire is a FOSS distribution geared for the general Linux community, making use of only open source components, containing no proprietary applications. This is not necessarily a limitation : through our software center and extensive repositories, Freespire users can install any application that they wish.

Linspire is a commercial release which builds on the elegant Freespire foundation. It does include a proprietary software set optimized for business users, students, researchers and developers. It is a capable solution for utilizing cloud-based web apps as well as legacy software from our Debian or Ubuntu’s repositories.

Download Your Copy From This Link.

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