Linux Kernel 5.2 Released : Bobtail Squid Is The Codename

Linux kernel 5.2

Insight: Linux Kernel 5.2 Released

Linux Kernel 5.2 has been released. Linus Torvalds has released the latest kernel Linux 5.2.  Bobtail Squid is the codename of Linux Kernel 5.2.

There are plenty of new features and improvements in the latest Linux Kernel. One of the biggest feature is the support for Intel’s forthcoming Comet Lake architecture which is due to ship late in 2019. It has also supports for a handful of extra ARM-powered single-board computers.

You will find the Nouveau support for the GeForce GTX 1650 (TU117), AMDGPU FreeSync improvements. SMAP/SMEP-like support for POWER, Mainline support for the Jetson Nano, NanoPi Neo4 and other ARM boards, P2P DMA between PCI Express devices on AMD Zen systems is now supported.


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