List of Best Applications For Elementary OS In 2018

best applications for elementary os

Insight: Best applications for best applications for Elementary OS

Elementary Os is one of the popular Linux distros which is based on another popular Ubuntu. Unlike Ubuntu which uses GNOME desktop environment, Elementary is loaded with Pantheon desktop. The first version of the Elementary OS was made available on March 31, 2011 but he Elementary project began in June of 2009 with the release of an icon set for Ubuntu. This first version was based on Ubuntu 10.10. At the time of this article, Latest version available for download is Elementary 0.4.1 “Loki”.

List of Best Applications For Elementary OS In 2018

Elementary OS does not have a strict release schedule. Generally, new version of the Elementary OS is made available after the release of the latest version Ubuntu LT.

Operating system’s popularity is generally based on the applications or softwares available for their platforms. Windows operating systems is popular  due to the huge collection of various software available for the windows. In this post, we are listing out the some of the best applications for Elementary OS in 2018.

List of Best Applications For Elementary OS In 2018

List of Best Applications For Elementary OS In 2018


  1. Cozy – A modern audio book player
  2. eRadio – Simple radio player
  3. Vocal –  Podcast Client
  4. Cipher – Encoder and decoder
  5. Clipped – Clipboard application
  6. Monitor – System monitor
  7. Webpin – Online Pinning software
  8. Relay – An IRC client
  9. AppEditor – Menu customizer
  10. Configurator – Dconf editor for elementary OS
  11. elementary IDE – IDE
  12. elementary tweaks – Tweaking tool like Gnome Tweak Tool for elementary OS
  13. Sequeler –  SQL Client
  14. Snaptastic –Snap apps manager
  15. ValaCompiler – Vala compiling tool
  16. Color Picker – Color picking tool.
  17. Elementary Thunderbird – Thunderbird for elementary OS
  18. Sudoku – famous sudoku client.
  19. Ciano – File converter
  20. Foto – Image viewer
  21. Agenda – Task manager
  22. Go For It – To-do list app
  23. Footnote – Note-taking app
  24. Notes Up – Notes editor & manager
  25. Spice-up – Presentations maker
  26. Planner – Project management
  27. Stickies – A simple sticky notes app
  28. Bookworm – A simple ebook reader
  29. FeedReader – A modern RSS client
  30. Dropbox for elementary OS
  31. Palaura – Dictionary
  32. Torrential – Torrent downloader
  33. Translator – Language translator for elementary OS
  34. Birdie –  Twitter client designed for elementary OS

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