List Of Popular Linux Blogs For Everyone In 2019

Popular Linux Blogs

It’s always good to have a knowledge of popular Linux blogs if you are a Linux users. To get updated with the regular news from Linux world to the various tutorials, Linux blogs can be handy for everyone.

Let’s check out some of the best, useful and popular Linux Blogs for everyone in 2019.

List Of Popular Linux Blogs For Everyone In 2019

1 The Linux Foundation Blog

This blog is maintained by The Linux Foundation. It’s good to follow this blog as you can read various news, tutorials and other freebies updates in this blog.


It is one of the finest open source blog which is maintained by The Linux Foundation. You can find news, tutorials, how to guides, freebies and various recommendation through this blog.

3 Ubuntu Handbook

In this blog, You will find news about latest release of various applications. Along with this, You can also find the various tutorials and how to guides.

4 Blog By SUSE

This is the official blog of SUSE. It’s obvious to see information related to SUSE in this blog.

5 Softpedia

Softpedia is a popular tech blog. You can find various news, release updates, security updates, freebies, tutorials, how to guides and many more in this blog. You can find various information related to Windows and Mac OS too. SoftPedia has separate section for Linux.

6 OMG Ubuntu

Like its name, OMGUbuntu is tech blog which is more focused on Ubuntu operating system. You can find articles, tutorials, how to guides and freebies related to Ubuntu and it’s derivatives.

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7 It’s FOSS

It’s Ubuntu and It’s FOSS might sound like a same but they are a separate blog. It’s FOSS is another popular and useful Linux and open source blog. You can find various release updates, how to guides, tips and tricks, software list and many more.

Some of the other popular Linux blogs are:


9. Nix Craft

10. Tecmint

11. Phoronix

12. Linux Uprising

13. The Geek Stuff

14. Linoxide

15. OSTechnix

16. LinuxTechi

17. Makes Tech Easier

18. Linux Babe

19. Linux Hint

20. Ask Ubuntu:- Ubuntu forum.

21. Tux Machines

22. Webupd8

23. Ubuntupit :- You can find the amazing list of software for Linux.

24. It’s Ubuntu:- Ubuntu focused Linux blog.


There are still many more blogs. Let us know if we have missed out some of the important blog list.