Master Key To Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware

TeslaCrypt ransomware is one of the fastest spreading virush which has been first noticed on march last year. If your computer is infected with this ransomware, you need to pay to decrypt it from the hacker himself.
Crazy things do happens in Cyber industry as now the team behind the TeslaCrypt ransomware has released a master key to for free so that public can use it and decrypt the ransomware.
Post From The TeslaCrypt Dark Website:

Project closed! Master key for decrypt: 440A241DD80FCC5664E861989DB716E08CE627D8D40C7EA360AE855C727A49EE. Wait for other people make universal decrypt software. We are sorry!

Meanwhile, to ease the process of decrypting, ESET has created a decrypter tool to decrypt the teslacrypt. Download the tool and use the master key which has been released by hacker themselves and decryypt your file.


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