Must Have Linux Apps For Beginners

Must Have Linux Apps For Beginners

Insight: Must Have Linux Apps For Beginners

We thought to write some post for exclusive new Linux user or let’s say the beginners who have just migrated to the Linux from Windows operating system.

Must Have Linux Apps For Beginners

There is no doubt that Windows have plenty huge software/apps ecosystem in compare to the Linux ecosystem. Let’s not stuck with this stats as there are plenty of useful applications available for Linux based operating system.

At the beginning, It’s really confusing and frustrating to use Linux ( Who are obsessed with Windows). We have collected some of the must have Linux apps for the beginners so that they will have smooth transition to the Linux from Windows or Mac.

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Must Have Linux Apps For Beginners

Let’s start with the entertainment category as this is one of the most popular activity in any operating system

Audio Players

Video Players

After entertainment category, Let’s see the list of Office packages ( Alternatives To Microsoft Office).

Office Packages

Linux is considered as a one of the secure operating system in the world but it’s always good to be in a safe side.


There are plenty of browsing option available in Linux too.


If you are long time windows users then you might know about the desktop customizing option in Windows XP.

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Linux Desktop Customizing Tools

What if you are a download freak and you need proper download manager.

Linux Download Managers

It’s always a good habit to check your email regularly.

Linux Email Clients

We almost forget to give you the image editing/processing, Video editing options like Adobe Photoshop, Ms Paint, Moviemaker, Premier and else.

Image/Video Editing Tools

Don’t forge to check our Mega List Of Linux Applications.