Node.js Is Now Available As A Snap On Ubuntu And Other Supported Linux

node.js on ubuntu

Node.js is now available as a snap package on ubuntu along with other snap supported linux distros. Snap feature is currently available on Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, Arch Linux, Solus, Gentoo Linux & OpenSuSE.

Node.js Is Now Available As A Snap.

From the official blog statement:

NodeSource is excited to announce that Node.js—the popular Open Source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment—is now easier than ever to install on Linux thanks to a collaboration with Canonical on their Snap software distribution system.

Snaps are containerized software packages designed to work across cloud, desktop, and IoT devices. They work natively on most popular Linux distributions, feature automatic updates for users, improved security, and greater flexibility for developers working in Linux environments. Their auto-updating and transactional nature is making snaps a popular choice for the delivery of desktop applications in particular.

The snap contains the Node.js runtime, along with the widely-used package manager npm. So with a single command, developers can be up and running with their chosen version(s) of Node.js and supporting tools with no need for external repos or personal package archives (PPAs).


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