Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi in 2019

Insight: Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi

Let’s list out the best Operating Systems that you can run on Raspberry Pi in 2019.

Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi in 2019

1. Raspbian

Raspbian is an official operating system fro Raspberry Pi.  It is the Foundation’s official supported operating system which you can install it with  NOOBS. It comes pre installed with various software like Python, Scratch, Sonic Pi, Java and more.

Download Raspbian


RISC OS is an open-source operating system which is  designed specifically for ARM processors.

Download RISC


OSMC or Open Source Media Center is for those Raspberry users if you run the Raspberry Pi for managing media content. It is pretty easy to use as everything is easily managed through the OSMC interface.

operating system for Raspberry

Download OSMC

4. Windows IoT Core

Windows IoT Core is developed by Microsoft. It is a Windows OS which is built specially for the Raspberry Pi.

Dowload Windows IoT Core

5. OpenELEC

OpenELEC or Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center is an operating system which is based on JeOS (Just enough Operating System). It is also suitable for your raspberry pie if you are planning to work on media content.

Download OpenELEC

6. Lakka

Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown retro-gaming console. It is community driven project.

Download Lakka

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