Easy way to repair a Corrupted USB Drive in Linux

corrupted usb drive

Insight: How to repair a Corrupted USB Drive in Linux

repair a usb


No matter how small is your usb drives, it always can hold files with bigger importance. However, sometimes your small usb drives can get corrupted without any notices and stopped working out. Good news is that you can repair a corrupted USB drive if you are using linux.

Steps 1:

Run the fsck command on a specific partition to remove the bad block in your drive or in your partition. (e.g. /dev/sdc1), (e.g. /dev/sdc).

sudo fsck /dev/sdc1

Meanwhile, when you drive is completely unreadable then you have only option left to make it to zero.

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc
 Now, we need to create a new data partition.


sudo mkfs.msdos -f 32 /dev/sdc1


sudo mkfs.ext4 -f /dev/sdc1


sudo mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sdc1

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