Russian Government Might Switch To Linux

Russian government might switch their system to linux as they are having intense conflict with western companies. If RUSSIAN INTERNET tsar German Klimenko stuck with his word then it won’t be surprised to see russia switching to Linux from other platforms. German has announced  that he want to stop the impression of western companies in the country. He even says  “We are breeding the cow and they are milking it,”.


The new Internet advisor to President Putin, Klimenko revealed these plans in an interview published at Bloomberg.  “It’s like a wife seeing her husband with another woman — he can swear an oath afterward, but the trust is lost”, German Klemenko

He further revealed that Russia might be planning to raise taxes on US companies to provide more opportunities for Yandex and  Previously, China almost switched to Linux until Microsoft was able to reach a deal with the government. North Korea also has its own version of Linux. It will be really interesting to see whether they will really switch it to Linux or not.

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