Step By Step Guide To Install RHEL 8 With Screenshots

Step By Step Guide To Install RHEL 8 With Screenshots

Insight: Step By Step Guide To Install RHEL 8 With Screenshots : RedHat Installation

This post is written for the beginner level of users who are looking forward to try RedHat Linux. In this post, we will show you the simplest way to install RHEL 8.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 has been released on May 7th, 2019 and it is based on Fedora 28.

Step By Step Guide To Install RHEL 8 With Screenshots

At first you need to download the RHEL 8 ISO file and make it bootable.

Downoad RHEL 8 ISO

Now, We hope that you are ready with bootable DVD or USB disk. Boot your system and select Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 from the boot menu.

In next screen, You need to select the language for RHEL 8 installation and continue the process.

In the next screen after the warning messages which you should clear it, you will see something like this where you can configure the various settings by clicking on respective options:

  • Localization
  • Software
  • System

If you click on localization setting, you can configure the:

  • Keyboard
  • Language Support
  • Time & Date

You can set the time and date. You can also set up the Keyboard and Language which we have already one in previous step. Click on Done.

If you click on Software, you can see the two option:

  • Installation Source
  • Software Selection

Set installation source to local media. If you click on Software Installation, you will get the number of options like:

  • Server with GUI
  • Server
  • Minimal Install
  • Workstation
  • Custom Operating System
  • Virtualization Host
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In this tutorial we are choosing minimal install option.


In system option,you will see multiple option:

  • Installation Destination
  • Kdump
  • Network & Host Name
  • Security Policy
  • System Purpose

You can go to the “Installation Destination” option where you can setup disk partitions for the installation. Here we are selecting automatic partition.

Click on done and in next screen you can start the installation process.


Installer will install the required packages. In between the installation process, you need to setup the:

  • Root Password
  • User Creation

Set the root password by clicking the Root password option:

You can also create the new user:


Wait for a while and once RHEL 8 installation is completed, you will be asked to reboot your system.


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