Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver : Release Date & New Features

Ubuntu 18.04

Day by day we are getting closer to the release date of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver. Let’s check out the timeline of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver release date.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver : Release Date Timeline

  • Alpha 1 Release(for opt-in flavors) : 11th January
  • Alpha 2 Release(for opt-in flavors) : 1st February
  • Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze: 1st March
  • Beta 1 Release: 8th March
  • Final Beta Release: 5th April
  • Final Freeze, Release Candidate: 19th April
  • Final Ubuntu 18.04 release: 26th April

Ubuntu 18.04 Features.

1)Color emojis are now supported in ubuntu18.04.

In all available version,Ubuntu only supported monochrome which means (black and white) emojis. In Ubuntu 18.04 multi color emojis will be supported. Ubuntu 18.04 will use Noto Color Emoji font to support color emojis.

2)GNOME desktop environment.

ubuntu 18.04 lts bionic

Ubuntu 18.04 will continue to use Gnome desktop environment which means no sign of Unity coming back.

3)Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop will have a new theme.

Ubuntu 18.04 will no longer use old theme and will replace by GTK theme. Meanwhile, if you want to know the more information about the new GTK theme and want to help with the new theme, Please visit  here.

4)Suru is the new icon theme for Ubuntu 18.04.

Ubuntu 18.04 will have a suru icon theme as a default icon theme.

5)Xorg will be used by default instead of Wayland.

Xorg will be the default graphic server instead of wayland.

6)Snaps will be used to install the applications by default in new version of ubuntu.

7)It has been reported that Ubuntu 18.04 will ship with Linux Kernel 4.15.

8)Ubuntu 18.04 will start to collect your system data so that it can be publicly available.

Download Ubuntu 18.04

If you need to download Ubuntu 18.04 or want to upgrade from your current version, then go to the official Ubuntu download page after the final release. Meanwhile, you can download or get information about the daily builds,alpha, beta, and non-final releases from this link.

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