How to Clear Your System Cache in Ubuntu
Ubuntu keeps a system cache to load the application fast. It saves your time but sometimes it heavily utilizes your system’s memory. You need to clean system cache to make System fast and to make proper use of System. There is a separate tool available for this task. You need to download and install a… (0 comment)

Download Torrents from the Command Line in Ubuntu
let’s talk about the process to download torrents from the command line in ubuntu. For this, you need to have good CLI-based torrent client. We are using  transmission-cli client for this tutorial because it  is the easiest to use. Steps: To install transmission-cli, type the following command: sudo apt install transmission-cli Now add a torrent… (0 comment)

Russia Will Sent Hacker  To 10 Years In Jail
Russia will sent you to jail for 10 years if you are found convicted in any hacking activities. New Russian Laws is bring some  changes in it’s cyber crime section. Proposed amendments to the Russian Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code states 10 years jail term for hackers.   The law which is still in… (0 comment)

Guide To Install the Adapta GTK Theme on Ubuntu
If you are tired of using default Ubuntu Theme then Adapta GTK can be the beautiful option for you. Here is the guide to install the adapta GTK theme on Ubuntu 16.10 To install the Adapta GTK theme on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.10 type the following commands: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:tista/adapta sudo apt update… (0 comment)

Latest version of Ubuntu is about to be go live soon. Zesty Zapus is  the code name of upcoming Ubuntu 17.05. The Zesty Zapus will be supported  for 9 months after release Ubuntu 17.04 release schedule   29 December – Alpha 1 26 January – Alpha 2 16 February – Feature Freeze 23 February – First beta 9 March – UI Freeze 23 March… (0 comment)

[How to] Install FlatPak on Ubuntu
Flatpak is the new framework for desktop applications on Linux and Gnome foundation is behind this latest technology which is seen as a alternative to snaps. Guide To Install Flatpak on Ubuntu You need to add PPA to Ubuntu 16.10 system before installing flatpack. by adding a PPA to the system. Type the command below… (0 comment)

iPhone Is Stealing Your Phone  Log Calls.
Buckle up yourself if you are a iPhone users as a new report suggests that iPhone is stealing your phone logs. According to the report, iCloud is storing your call logs without your permission and even if your icloud is switched off. Apple has long term high reputation of providing high end security to their… (0 comment)

Brazil Hates Open Source, Shifted To  Microsoft
Ouch, One of the biggest country in the world hates open source and they are officially shifting to Microsoft for their daily work.  Yes,we are talking about brazil as they are reverting back to Microsoft from Open source. Brazil shifted to Opensource in 2003 but now they are moving back to microsoft because to “generate… (0 comment)